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We all know that social media is hugely important when it comes to advertising your business, so much so that many customers now make buying decisions through content found on social media alone. The difficulty comes in being consistent so that you fully utilise the benefits of the medium. It is time consuming and takes focus away from the more enjoyable parts of your work....that is where we come in! So what goes into the process of outsourcing your social media marketing?

Firstly, you will be assigned a dedicated social media manager. This person will learn your business and be your primary contact. You will be able to communicate with your social media manager via email, or schedule a call at a time that is convenient for the both. The next step will be to research and develop your strategy. Once we agree on the strategy to develop, we will start execution.


We will develop social media content and advertisements unique to your brand. For quality assurance, this content will be prepared monthly in advance. You will have an opportunity to review and approve before anything goes live. Our social media services includes daily management and growth optimisation. We monitor all social media activity (comments, messages, and reviews), and aim to respond within 24 hours. In addition, we will use organic tactics (hashtags, following, contests, etc.) to grow your channels.


• Builds brand recognition
• Attracts customers
• More inbound traffic
• Increased engagement
• Free's up time
• Cost effective
• Consistency
• Reporting & Tracking
• Keep up to date with latest trends
• Improved search engine rankings
• Better customer satisfaction
• Improved brand loyalty
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